The True Costs of Not Implementing Cloud Security

If the upfront expenses of moving your company’s data to a cloud-based server have caused you to pause your plans, it’s time to explore the costs of not using the cloud to store your valuable information. Neglecting to move your data to the cloud can cost your company more in the long run.

The Cost of a Data Breach Without Cloud Security

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The cost of a data breach continues to increase; in 2018, the average cost of a single breach for a corporation came to an astonishing $3.86 million. For small businesses, the cost can be as high as $117,000, which can, often times, be equal to the total value of the business. By neglecting to invest in cloud security, you’re potentially putting your company at risk of suffering an expensive data breach, sometimes making recovery impossible.

Cloud security offers numerous safety features not available with other forms of data storage. You have the ability to frequently back up your data and programs, so you don’t permanently lose valuable information to disaster or a technical failure. The cloud enacts multiple safeguards to prevent theft by hackers or other virtual thieves. Your end result is a safe network with secure data.

Up-Front Costs of the Cloud

You may be concerned a move to the cloud will be expensive; in reality, however, implementing cloud security requires only a small up-front investment. By utilizing a company that provides cloud services, you let the company take care of the costs associated with setting up and maintaining the necessary infrastructure to store your data. Opting for the cloud can save your organization money on operational costs related to storing and backing up your data.

Free Up Your Company’s Resources

If you handle your own data hosting and storage, you’ll have to devote resources to maintaining, setting up and troubleshooting your equipment, programs and servers. You might even have to hire more IT employees to ensure these elements don’t fall by the wayside.

Outsourcing your cloud hosting is a simple way to free up your IT resources and reduce your related expenditures. Since you don’t have to service your data hosting infrastructure, you’re able to use these resources elsewhere or reduce your overall operational expenses.

Better Adapt to Changing Customer Needs

To maximize your profits, it’s important for your company to be versatile. Implementing the cloud is one way to boost the adaptability of your business. If you need a new program or software update to better serve your clients, cloud hosting enables you to make these changes quickly and efficiently. 

Cloud servers also make it easier for your employees to work remotely from their secure devices. This makes it more convenient for your team to work from home, meet with potential clients and remain connected to the home office during business trips.

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