Wi-Fi Security Best Practices: How to Create and Maintain a Secure Network

Wi-Fi networks are convenient for businesses to install and for the users who need flexible connections throughout the company. Without being tethered to a desk and a network cable, your workers can turn any area in your office into a productive space. However, it is important to take precautions to prevent security breaches. Here’s what you need to know to maintain a secure network with plenty of flexibility.

3 Steps to Ensuring a Secure Network

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1. Smart SSID

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, but most of us think of it as the name of the Wi-Fi network. It might seem logical to choose your company’s name for an SSID or another name that’s related to the company or business type. However, this only helps people outside your organization identify which Wi-Fi network is yours. It is best to name your network something general and not specifically identifiable with your business. This will help keep you from being targeted by hackers.

2. Use a Guest Network

Your private corporate network is for your workers. Guests should not be given access to this; instead, create a separate network for one-time and occasional users. Be sure to change the password frequently. Ultimately, a system that generates unique passphrases for individual guests is ideal.

3. Unique Connections

Wired networks make use of individually authenticating each user as he or she connects to the network, and for ideal security, your Wi-Fi network should do the same. However, this requires specialized equipment and software, so many business owners skip this step. Although this preventative measure may be expensive initially, it can save you the time and money a security breach would cost.

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