The Benefits of Hiring NSA as Your Managed IT Provider

Managing a business is no easy task, especially when the technology you rely on is on the fritz. Here is why NSA’s managed IT program is right for your company.

Break Fix Doesn’t Work for Most Companies Anymore

When malware hits and your workstations break down, or you can’t open your email, these are problems that keep your staff from being efficient. If you only have break-fix IT service, meaning you only pay when you have a problem, you may try to fix the problem yourself or hire an external IT contractor to help you. You’ll end up waiting for a technician to come out on their schedule. Then they will need learn your IT system, and likely, only patch the system and not fix the underlining problem, which will can cost you time and money because your business could be down for hours or even days.

Advantages in Having a Fixed Monthly Rate

With a fixed monthly managed IT program from Network Security Associates, your staff benefits from a local, dedicated help desk that is available 24/7 with an emergency 2-hour response time. Our experts take a proactive approach to tackling IT problems by monitoring your network constantly, keeping an eye out for impending issues so we can resolve them before they impact your business.

Included with your managed IT program are:

  • Wireless Network Security Management
  • Firewall and VPN Management
  • Server & Desktop Computer Management
  • Multi-Server Network Management
  • Fast Disaster Recovery
  • Data Backup Management

At Network Security Associates, our primary focus is providing outstanding customer service. There are many benefits and advantages of our managed IT program, and it is our job to ensure our clients are protected 24/7 from impending risks. By better understanding what it is our clients are looking for and how their businesses can be best supported, we are able to tailor our offerings to better meet those needs.